Hair Accessories: The Trend Making a Comeback

October 20, 2019
October 20, 2019

Who says that jewelry is just for your body? While you may remember hair accessories as a trend in the 90s, they’re back and better than ever. Recently, hair accessories such as barrettes, bobby pins, flip clips, and headbands are making a comeback and landing themselves into the hands of those looking for a unique addition to their jewelry collection.

Trends making a comeback is a way to blend nostalgia with the present to create looks that transcend timelines. With hair accessories, people and designers all over the globe have been getting creative as they design and wear accessories that highlight something that is usually untouched by jewels – their hair. Gone are the days of boring barrettes or plain bobby pins.

For those looking to add a delicate and feminine look to their hair, bows and headbands are the perfect matches. Designers like Jennifer Behr are including these accessories in their collections, utilizing materials such as satin, gingham, velvet, and silk. Headbands work with the hair worn up or down and add a pop of color and a detailed feminine touch. Bows can be added to ponytails or other hairstyles to subtly draw attention to and show the personal style through their delicate nature. Barrettes are also a popular hit as they add a burst of color and delight to any look.

Hair accessories are the perfect way to add detail and depth to your look with styles ranging from delicate to bold.

Dior Joaillerie

Lele Sadoughi has helped create some iconic headbands with her now signature knotted headband. The headbands feature bright colors, pearls, beads, and patterns. Perfect to pair with an easy-going outfit or to dress up for a night out, people are loving how easy hair accessories are to add to their look. Cult Gaia is also making their way onto the hair accessory scene with their natural and feminine collection of hair accessories featuring summery prints and lightweight materials. It’s no wonder that people are using hair accessories to add a delicate touch of style to their accessory collections.

Looking to add some boldness to your style? Hair accessories can aid with that too, as many bobby pins and hairpins feature larger designs that gently sit against the hair. From large flowers to shapes, designers are tackling just about every style to create hair accessories people will love to wear and that will make them feel fabulous.

Gemstones are no longer just for bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Designers like Simone Rocha are creating hair accessories with intricate detailing that feature materials such as feathers, pearls, and beads. These embellished pieces add personality to any look and can be used to add to personal style and show off your favorite unique accessories. Another designer bringing embellished hair accessories to the scene is Alessandra Rich with her crystal embellished barrettes.

Dior Joaillerie

Gucci has created headbands and hair clips that feature crystals to stand out on the heads of those who wear them. People are flocking to own these hair clips and barrettes as they find their place back in the world of jewelry. No trend ever happens just once, and it makes sense that these new hair accessories are loved by so many, since they may have worn them when they were younger.

With hair accessories, people can showcase their individual fashion sense and personality with pieces made from a variety of materials from cloth to gemstones

Perhaps the most alluring thing about this new trend of hair accessories is that it can appeal to those who want to be more minimalistic. Large or eccentric jewelry may not be for everyone, or even for the every day, and hair accessories have given people everywhere the chance to add a bit of style without going over the top. These hair accessories can be used to bring some extra shine and life into any outfit.


We can’t wait to follow this trend as it continues to make its way into the collections and hands of people around the world. With hair accessories’ unique ability to add just the right amount of detail, we know they’ll be a hit on the runways as well as in the everyday. We think this trend will be loved and enjoyed by many.