Inspiration From The Sea

October 28, 2018
September 20, 2018

Jewelry designers around the world have long explored the depths of the ocean to create the latest haul of underwater inspired designs.

The sea is a place full of movement, full of color, and full of life. There is no doubt that jewelry inspired by the sea is inspired by the design of Mother Nature herself. Jewelry designers are drawing from the imagery and life beneath the water to create stunning designs.

Thinking about all of the various elements found in the water, it’s no wonder jewelers seek inspiration beneath the surface. Inspiration can be found in things as basic as the sand, with its specks of shine and color, graced by life of all types. The sand serves as the starting point, created by thousands of years of weathering processes that broke down rocks and minerals, including quartz, mica, and feldspar among others. The sand alone has a unique beauty to it as it ranges in sizes and colors, featuring reflective minerals and bright spots. Atop the sand, you find seagrass, coral, and other underwater plant life that sways with the movement of the ocean. You may notice some of the ocean movement represented in jewelry inspired by the sea, as designers use the smooth lines and waves to inspire their pieces.

Dior Joaillerie

Perhaps some of the most delicate yet beautiful creations found beneath the water are shells. Seashells in all shapes, sizes, and colors can grace the ocean floor or be found washed up on the beaches. The intricate details within seashells inspire jewelry designers with their shapes, lines, and texture. Designer Wald Berlin utilizes actual shells in their whole form. Wald Berlin’s collection of sea-inspired jewelry consists of eye-catching shells and pearls put together in uniquely beautiful designs. Wald Berlin crafts his pieces with obvious inspiration from the sea, as many of them are adorned with sweet water pearls and have the shells plated in gold.

Aurelie Bidermann puts her own spin on shells with her lacquered Merco necklace, featuring seven different color options. The gold necklace hosts a brightly lacquered shell as the main focus point. Her design draws inspiration from the sea while combining it with a bright, modern look to stand out in a crowd.

Dior Joaillerie

Fish and animals in the sea also serve as under the sea inspiration to jewelry designers. Designers may find themselves visually attracted to the smooth lines of a dolphin swimming through the ocean, or the colorful sun reflecting off a fish’s scales. With so much to be inspired by, jewelry designers are bringing elements of the sea to life in their collections. Designer Kenneth Jay Lane has used ocean creatures as inspiration for his unique jewelry. His octopus rings, adorned with various gemstones and colors, wrap the finger with the life under the sea, bringing the ocean to land. Creatures from beneath the sea are brought to new life when adorned with gemstones and precious metals. Similarly, Bibi van der Velden takes another take on ocean dwellers, fictional or not, with her beautifully designed pieces in her Sea Creature Collection. Her Mermaid Tail Bangle combines a Tahitian pearl with diamonds adorning a mermaid tail. When you wear jewelry inspired by the sea, you may feel closer to nature and in awe of all that the water holds.

Creatures from beneath the sea are brought to new life when adorned with gemstones and precious metals.

The sea-inspired designs of jewelers don’t always have to include actual elements of the sea. For example, Rebecca de Ravenel created a pair of conch-shell inspired drop earrings that consist of silk cord. The earrings have the recognizable conch shell appearance with the twists and fine lines, but have a unique and more downplayed approach. These are the perfect example of bringing inspiration from the ocean into jewelry creations, as it never replicates but rather finds new ways of showcasing the beauty of the sea.