Discover the jewelry designers to watch

October 22, 2018
October 22, 2018

With so many talented jewelry designers on the scene, it’s hard to scope out new and notable names to watch. We’re making it easy for you, and we’re sharing about four up and coming jewelry designers we believe you need to watch.

These designers are bending the rules and bringing their own personalized style to the jewelry world. We’re going to be covering what makes them unique and what they bring to the table. Let’s learn more about each one and why they’re standing out from the crowd.

Leigh Miller
Leigh Miller designs with nature in mind, appealing to the senses with her latest collection, The Fifth Collection, inspired by the ocean. Leigh designs modern and contemporary jewelry with her own personal, natural twist. Her jewelry is simply appealing and designed with bold shapes and smooth designs that bring Mother Nature to your jewelry collection.

Dior Joaillerie

With Leigh Miller’s new collection, you can find pieces inspired by the sea, such as her Sea Twig drop earrings, a two-toned, gorgeous addition to any look. Her jewelry is handmade in Los Angeles, California and brings perfect, nature-inspired additions to the world of jewelry. Her pieces serve as contrasting designs to more modern, angular designs.

Red Beryl
Although these precious stones are often referred to as red emeralds they are not part of the emerald family of stones. The red beryl is actually a very rare gem that is 8,000 times harder to find than a ruby. It has only ever been found in the Wah Wah Mountains in Utah. The shades of this beautiful stone vary from brighter red to a dark purplish shade. It’s an ideal stone for use in jewellery settings but is most often found in mineral collections as it’s so rare.

Dior Joaillerie

Wald Berlin
Joyce Binneboese and Dana Roski, who sought to use memories of their travels as inspiration for their pieces, created Wald Berlin as a way to celebrate jewelry and the world. The designers create jewelry that can find its place anywhere around the world and their designs have their unique style in each piece. Many of their pieces are made with pearls, gemstones, and shells to blend together for a beautiful and artistic piece. They bring color and unique shapes to the jewelry industry across the world. Some of their designs are as simple as a chain bracelet with one shell (such as their Just a Friend bracelet), where as others are extremely detailed, such as their Spice Up Your Life Earrings. Wald Berlin focuses on fair-trade and utilizes a fair-trade women and grandmothers’ collective to produce their designs in Germany. That’s something the jewelry world should get behind!

What makes Wald Berlin jewelry unique is not just its style, but also how they are made

Julie Thevenot 
Julie Thevenot has long been a creative and focuses her designs on creating jewelry that is free-spirited and unique. Her designs are extremely modern and focus on eye-catching pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Just a peak around her website will show you that you will be captivated by bright colors, such as her electric blue (and we mean ELECTRIC) Reflection earrings, and unique shapes, such as her Monai earrings that look like someone molded them out of clay. Her designs are ones to watch, as she will surely take the jewelry and fashion world by storm with her bold, interesting pieces that each brings something new and fresh to the table


Natasha Schweitzer 
Natasha Schweitzer’s designs are the perfect mix of simple and modern. In her new arrivals collection, you can see nothing but smooth, dainty pieces with unique accents that make them stand out. Her mini aqua necklace is pleasing to the eye with its simple teardrop shape that lies delicately on the chest. She gets creative with shapes, adding triangles, links, and even a wishbone-type shape to her collection. Her baguette ring shows the perfect mix with an on-trend look that is also unique. Natasha also adds a twist to her jewelry with a focus on elements such as fire and water to bring out bold, small details on her delicate pieces to make them stand out. This designer is one to watch as her simple, delicate pieces are truly versatile while still being high quality and appropriate for all occasions from runway to everyday.