The Top Must-Have Jewelry Trend for Winter

October 23, 2018
October 23, 2018

As temperatures begin to lower, we enter into a new season full of fashion. Fashion isn’t just about what you wear, but also the jewelry that serves as the icing on top of the cake to your new seasonal wardrobe.

Today, we’re taking a look at the top must-have jewelry trend that is hot (or should we say, “cool”) this winter. This winter, it’s all about sculptural pieces. Sculptural pieces are modern and fresh and offer a new twist on traditional jewelry. Sculptural pieces are bold and take risks when it comes to jewelry. You can find these pieces both walking down the runway or on stylish jewelry lovers around town.

Dior Joaillerie

Two designers in particular, Ana Khouri and Charlotte Chesnais, are tackling this trend head on and setting the tone for jewelry trends this winter. Ana Khouri focuses on the more “fine jewelry” pieces, including more gemstones and delicate designs. Charlotte Chesnais is focusing on the bolder, more “fashion jewelry” pieces and has added in brass and other unique aspects to her designs. Both of these designers are taking on the trend in their own unique way, and we’re excited to see their jewelry on more and more people this winter.

Differing earring lengths are the perfect way to add the mismatched earrings trend into your collection. Viola.Y Jewelry’s Mismatched Cubic Zirconia earrings pair consists of one bar stud that is curved, where as the other earring has a 9.5cm drop of a fine cable chain to delicately add some length. These different lengths draw attention to one another and look great with hairstyles that are up in a bun or up-do. Selin Kent also set out to prove that different lengths adds beauty with the Mismatched “Defne” Earrings, featuring one solo sapphire stud and one 4” chain on the other side. Perfect for special occasions, these earrings add a delicate and colorful accent to your ears. Viola.Y Jewelry yet again took on complete opposite lengths with her set of Mismatched Earrings featuring one irregular oval stud and one smaller version with a drop anchored by a black onyx gem. Perfect to add some spice to your look, these earrings in particular take on a darker color scheme to complement each other and add some variety.

Dior Joaillerie

Ana Khouri
Ana Khouri focuses on creating fine, colorful, and delicate pieces that will stand out this winter with their sculptural elements. Her work is intentionally beautiful, looking to connect sculpture with the jewelry you wear. Her Diamond Lourdes earrings are the perfect example of her blended design of simplicity and sculpture. The unique shape of the earring is a piece of art hanging off the ear, drawing attention to the irregular shape made out of diamonds unlike any other earrings we’ve seen. She creates jewelry that bends the limits of traditional gems, such as her rings that wrap around the finger almost all the way, but not completely. The rings are a fresh take on a traditional look, and are eye-catching as they cling on to the fingers due to their sculpted shape. Ana Khouri is working to blur the lines between a decorative sculpture and one you wear. Her unique gold cuff is designed in a way that is modern yet delicate. Her designs are sure to catch your attention and leave you wondering how she designed it. All of these thoughts add in to the magic of her fine jewelry designs that are sure to be on trend this winter.

Sculptural pieces are modern and fresh and offer a new twist on traditional jewelry

Charlotte Chesnais
Charlotte’s pieces are bold and fashion-forward. They are slightly more risky and focus on abstract shapes that she uses to create eye-catching designs. Her Mirage earrings are a perfect example of this, as they toy with the rules of jewelry and create a stunning and one of a kind piece. Her two-toned jewelry allows you to see the lines of her sculptural designs distinctly and the curves they create. Her Eclipse ring is a two-toned sculptural masterpiece, intermingling the two materials with an attachment that is stunning. Her Shackle bracelet is the mix between a sculpture that would adorn an art gallery and a bracelet to adorn your wrist. It is truly a mix of fashion and of art, which is how to describe her entire new collection of bold pieces. Her designs are pleasing to the eye and take on curves with a timeless look that will likely stay on trend far beyond winter.