Unusual Engagement Rings

October 23, 2018
October 23, 2018

Whether or not you’re in on the secret of an engagement, finding the right ring to fit your recipient’s personality and dreams can be a little tough.

While there are many traditional styles and designs on the market, unusual engagement rings are a way to stand out and show off your love’s unique style. This ring will grace their finger for long after it’s received, and looking for the perfect unusual engagement ring can prove to be a bit challenging.

Everywhere you look on social media, it’s easy to see engagement rings on the fingers of those planning their weddings. Certain rings will definitely stand out more than others, such as having different shapes, widths, or accents. It’s important to look at rings based on the person who will be wearing them. In picking out the perfect engagement ring, you should note the recipient’s style. Recent trends include rose gold rings, pavé accents, oval diamonds, and chevron shapes. To help you in your search, we’ve compiled some stunning, unusual engagement rings from some of our favorite designers to share with you today.

Dior Joaillerie

Eva Fehren
Eva Fehren’s focus on minimalistic and unique engagement rings creates a stunning collection in her “white” collection. Her engagement rings seamlessly merge the line between simple and complex. In particular, her take on different geometric shapes create unique looks for anyone wanting something to help them stand out. Her “white” collection of engagement rings is all rose gold, staying true to the current trend. However, they all offer a unique twist on traditional engagement rings. For example, her Fia ring has a Hexagonal cut white diamond and her Queen ring has an inverted white diamond trillion. The unique geometric take on the traditional cut diamond help these rings take on a life of their own. One other notable unique engagement ring in her collection is her Le Squelette ring with its princess cut diamond and beveled “X” detail across It’s a ring unlike any other. Throughout her collection, rose gold lovers are sure to find something unique to spike their interest and find the perfect ring for their soon to be beloved.

Red Beryl
Although these precious stones are often referred to as red emeralds they are not part of the emerald family of stones. The red beryl is actually a very rare gem that is 8,000 times harder to find than a ruby. It has only ever been found in the Wah Wah Mountains in Utah. The shades of this beautiful stone vary from brighter red to a dark purplish shade. It’s an ideal stone for use in jewellery settings but is most often found in mineral collections as it’s so rare.

Dior Joaillerie

Suzanne Kalan
Suzanne Kalan’s unusual engagement rings are complex, unique, and breathtaking. Her Devoted Trillion ring is truly one of a kind and will stand out in a crowd. The ring has a center set stone that is surrounded by what looks like fireworks of small, baguette diamonds. This ring looks like it was meant for royalty, and it is sure to get your attention with its small, yet notable detail. For those looking to incorporate a more simplistic style into their hunt for an unusual engagement ring, the Magnolia Baguette ring is a more toned-down version of the Devoted Trillion. Still featuring baguette cut diamonds, this ring sits simply upon your finger with its eye catching design. While her engagement ring collection contains some more traditional engagement rings also, don’t underestimate what Suzanne Kalan is capable of creating when it comes to unusual engagement rings.

When you think outside of the diamond solitaire box, the options for engagement rings are endless

Jacquie Aiche
For truly unusual engagement rings, browsing the collection of rings by Jacquie Aiche will leave you with option after option. Known for her unique design style, these rings offer looks that are not often seen that disrupt the engagement ring game by taking on a unique look. These rings are for those looking for an unusual ring that is not made for engagement, but will add style and flair to the finger of their beloved. Some of her rings include stones like amethyst, labradorite, moonstone, or opal, such as her She-Ra Ring. Other unusual rings from her collection include q more simplistic style while vaguely working in current trends, such as her Pavé Diamond V ring. This ring brings together the rose gold, pavé, and chevron accent in a unique and eye-catching way.


Lily Kamper
Lily Kamper’s unusual engagement rings are all about the color. Just take a look through her entire collection and your eyes will be drawn to the unique shapes, colors, and designs of her rings. For those looking to truly add the shock value to the ring they choose, Lily Kamper’s rings feature designs you may have never seen before. Her Baguette engagement ring features five stones, with two on each side of the center rectangular stone. The Baguette engagement ring is stunning, with dark blue tourmaline, yellow sapphires, and diamonds making it truly one of a kind. Her Emerald cut engagement ring also takes a journey into color and style with its five stones including a yellow sapphire at the center, with baguette diamonds and purple sapphires surrounding it. Lily Kamper creates engagement rings that go far beyond the “norm” for anyone looking to add color and style to their proposal.