The Beauty of Mismatched Earrings

October 21, 2018
October 21, 2018

If you’re looking for a way to show off your unique style, mismatched earrings are a new trend that are charming, personalized, and add an extra bit of sparkle.

What’s the appeal? Just as each person mixes and matches their clothing ensemble, mismatched earrings allow you to do just that with your jewelry. These earrings add a bit of beauty and surprise to each look, and are being worn by people of all ages looking for that extra “something.” Whether mismatched earrings come in a set of two or a set of more that you can mix and match, the options are endless for how you can use these to complement one another and complete your look.

Mismatched earrings come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. As each designer differs, you’ll find sets of mismatched earrings to match just about any style. The range of mismatched earrings goes from very casual small studs to fancy, long, diamond drop earrings. Mismatched earrings are a great way to draw attention to the face and allow you to show off your own unique and personal style. Let’s dive in and discuss some common pairings you can find within this mismatched earrings trend.

Dior Joaillerie

One way to add mismatched earrings into your collection is through pairs with mismatched gemstones. These allow you to add color and flair to your look, and you can choose contrasting or complementing colors to achieve this. You can go the traditional black and white contrasting route with a pair of Howlite & Marble mismatched earrings by Christian Dior. The cut gemstones in contrasting colors are sure to impress. To add in a bit more color, Christian Dior also created a pair of Rose Quartz & Crystal mismatched earrings that bring a touch of color and shine to your look. With these colors, there is the contrast between a delicate pink and the crystal shine to stand out. Grainne Morton’s Face Mismatched Drop Earrings take on an even more unique approach, adding in facial features to their earrings. Each earring has various gemstones making the shapes of eyes, nose, and a mouth. The gemstones vary between the two earrings, including the direction the face is facing. These earrings are great for the risk takers looking to take mismatching earrings to the next level. Having different gemstones in each earring is a way for mismatched earrings to take on lives of their own while still completing one cohesive and unique set.

Differing earring lengths are the perfect way to add the mismatched earrings trend into your collection. Viola.Y Jewelry’s Mismatched Cubic Zirconia earrings pair consists of one bar stud that is curved, where as the other earring has a 9.5cm drop of a fine cable chain to delicately add some length. These different lengths draw attention to one another and look great with hairstyles that are up in a bun or up-do. Selin Kent also set out to prove that different lengths adds beauty with the Mismatched “Defne” Earrings, featuring one solo sapphire stud and one 4” chain on the other side. Perfect for special occasions, these earrings add a delicate and colorful accent to your ears. Viola.Y Jewelry yet again took on complete opposite lengths with her set of Mismatched Earrings featuring one irregular oval stud and one smaller version with a drop anchored by a black onyx gem. Perfect to add some spice to your look, these earrings in particular take on a darker color scheme to complement each other and add some variety.

Dior Joaillerie

If you love unique looks but prefer small, dainty earrings, you’ll love the mismatched small accents you can find on pairs of mismatched earrings. You can find pairs with different shapes altogether that complement one another on each ear. Saks Fifth Avenue has created an adorable pair of “XO” earrings to take a unique spin on the traditional way of expressing love. These rose gold earrings add a flirty touch to any outfit. Zoe Lev designed a more personalized approach to mismatched earrings with her Diamond Initial Stud Earrings. With these, you can customize the pair with the initials of your choosing, such as your first and last name, the initials of your children, or your significant other. These are a great way to truly personalize the mismatched earrings trend and perhaps even act as a love letter to someone else. To add a modern touch to your collection, Aha created Mismatched Geometric Hoops, with one circle and one square, to make sweet and subtle differences come to life.

No matter what ear someone sees, they’ll be able to see the best of both worlds with small accents on mismatched earrings

If you’re looking for a way to show off opposing forces of beauty, there are endless options with mismatched earrings. The rule “opposites attract” is definitely valid when it comes to mismatched earrings. Betsey Johnson takes on this trend in her Two-Tone Faux-Pearl and Crystal Angel and Devil Front and Back earrings. With these, you get to decide whether to listen to the devil or angel on your shoulders.  They’re a fun, more literal approach to opposites attract, and are sure to be conversation starters. To transition from day into night, Oscar De La Renta’s moon and star pavé-crystal earrings take on the difference and beauty between night and day. Perfect for anyone looking to highlight the beauty of a day in transition, combining the sun and the moon is always a good way to go. We love when designers take on opposites when it comes to mismatched earrings. It always ends up being a unique and stylish look.


With mismatched earrings, there’s no right or wrong answer to pair up two earrings you love. You can mix and match styles as you see fit, too. Have some fun and add some flair to your jewelry collection with these options and many others on the market!