Why synthetic diamonds are better

October 22, 2018
October 22, 2018

Diamonds have long been a symbol of both wealth and love. You can walk into any fine jeweler and see the variety of naturally mined diamonds that shine back at you.

Diamonds have a long history that can be somewhat turbulent at times, however. Diamonds are made deep beneath the ground and are formed by nature from geological pressure over thousands and thousands of years.

Diamonds can be extremely pricy, and sometimes unattainable for a certain population. There are other well-known synthetic options on the market that you might be aware of, such as cubic zirconia and moissanite. Both of those are imitation diamond and are not made of the same chemical properties. Those shopping for diamonds may stray away from these types of imitation diamonds, but synthetic diamonds may be a whole different story.

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Synthetic diamonds not only look exactly the same as actual diamonds, but they are actually made in a laboratory with the exact same chemical properties as real diamonds. In fact, synthetic diamonds have made their way into fine jewelry stores and you may not even be able to tell the difference between the two. You can find them alongside natural diamonds, cut in the same cuts, and with the same notable shine as a natural diamond. Synthetic diamonds and other synthetic precious stones can cost up to 40% less than real diamonds, and you will likely not be able to tell which is which unless it is distinctly noted. This has made synthetic diamonds a great option for those shopping for diamond jewelry for their own collection or for someone special.

You may be aware of some of the negatives associated with how natural diamonds are mined. Naturally mined diamonds have had some controversy surrounding them. You may have even seen movies, such as Blood Diamond, that were made to document this. There can be unfair labor conditions, conflict, and overall horrendous conditions associated with the mining of diamonds. Synthetic diamonds can ensure that how a diamond is created is conflict-free and even more environmentally friendly. This can be a selling point for those who are socially and environmentally conscious.

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Synthetic diamonds have virtually the same chemical composition and physical properties of real diamonds. They can be made with various methods, and often will be made with the similar high temperature and high-pressure force, just as a natural diamond would have. Synthetic diamonds have been around for longer than fifty years, and their quality and prevalence has increased over time.

Synthetic diamonds have virtually the same chemical composition and physical properties of real diamonds

Synthetic diamonds are engineered in the lab and are created by actual carbon atoms. Synthetic diamonds can be created in both colorless, neutral hues, or with colors that are unattainable in nature. This fact alone can make them a good option for those looking for colored diamonds that can’t be found in nature. This, along with their reasonable price point, makes them a great opportunity to carry in stores alongside natural diamonds. As stated above, the fact that they are both socially and environmentally conscious is a great selling point for those looking for diamonds that also care about the issues surrounding the mining of natural diamonds.


We hope you can see how synthetic diamonds can make a great alternative to natural diamonds and why they are growing in popularity.